Following Physical Infrastructure are available in our College:
  • The college building provides adequate rooms for various departments.
  • The class rooms are well furnished with good ventilation and lighting.
  • The teaching faculty members (gents and ladies) are provided with well furnished rooms.
  • Drinking water and Lavatory facilities are provided for staff and students separately.

Our college has multimedia class rooms with OHP, LCD and INTERNET facilities. The Hi-tech Multi Media class rooms provide a modern corporate setting to the learners. Fabulous visual experiences are provided in our classrooms to make the teaching- learning process a matter of joy and wonder. Our classrooms are frequently updated to ensure the availability of recent technologies evolved for the teaching profession. We strive hard to provide teaching - learning experience with a difference.


Libraries shall always remain engines of our civilization. Special care has been taken to make our library, a store house of knowledge. Our library is a centre, where students can quench their thirst for knowledge from the beginning. As a part of expansion and modernization of our college infrastructure, today we have a modern library which works till late hours for the convenience of our students. Installation of double-sided metal shelves caters to the needs of the students to select books from both the sides. International journals and University magazines are subscribed to help the young research scholars of our college.

The following journals and magazines are provided in the Library:
1 Nalwazhi 12 University News
2 Herald of Health 13 India Today
3 Kissan World 14 Sports Star
4 Mangaiyar Malar 15 New Frontiers in Education
5 Health and Nutrition Tamil Arasu
6 Experiments in Education Puthia Tamilmurai Kalvi
7 Edu Tracks 16 Language and Language Teaching
8 Frontline Fortell
9 Employment News 20 The Journal of English Language Teaching [India]

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No. of books in the library, journals subscribed to and additions, if any in the last quarter

No.of books 5432
No.of journals & Magazines 16
Physical Science Lab

The Physical Science Laboratory of our college has a good collection of both Physics and Chemistry working and static models, equipments, apparatus and chemicals, related to high and higher secondary level. The laboratory provides practical training to the student teachers on different occasions.

Biological Science Lab

Our Biology Laboratory provides microscopic slides, preservation of specimens, demonstration of experiments, exploration of physiological process, development of teaching models, some of carried out by our prospective biology teachers.

Psychology Lab

The psychology lab of our college caters to the need of trainees. It is a storehouse of innumerable apparatus and tools to carry out experiments and tools in psychology. Regular sessions are devoted to encourage the students to make use of the psychology laboratory effectively. It is a workplace where the trainees develop understanding of the various terms in Educational Psychology.

Educational Technology

Education has an Educational Technology lab with network facility connecting the latest intel microprocessor based computer connected with 3.26 mbps internet link for students. The lab is equipped with hardware and software packages, CDs and audiotapes for learning.

Workshop cum SUPW room

The Workshop Cum SUPW Room is the place, where students work to create teaching aids for their teaching practice. It houses a wide range of support materials for classroom teaching. The teacher educators demonstrate the making of different types of teaching aids and there are spacious work areas for the students to work independently. This room is also used for conducting SUPW classes for the students.

SUPW is an integral part of our curriculum. This allows our students to give expression to their innovate creativity. Some of the activities are managed by our faculty and for some, we hire external resource persons. Following are some of the activities we do under SUPW

  • Cooking (includes baking and chocolate making)
  • Painting
  • Flower making
  • Soft toy making
  • Mehandhi
  • Wool work
  • Paper Craft
  • Soap Carving etc..

"Service to the down-trodden is the service to God". In order to inculcate the serving mentality, Youth Red Cross has been formed in the year 2007. Subscription fee of Rs. 10/- collected from the student teacher for membership.

Activities are
  • Conducting free medical and blood donation camps
  • Organizing First aid training programme
  • Creating awareness on blood donation, eye & organs donation and Disaster Management
  • Celebration of important anniversaries etc.,


The State Government and Central Government scholarship for SC/ST and minority religion students are claimed and dispersed to our students.

Free Teacher Eligibility Test Coaching (TET)

Free coaching for Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) in all subjects are conducted in our college by highly experienced, competent faculty from Government and Government Aided schools. It is organized with the aim of placing our students in government schools.


Number of guest lectures is arranged on various topics like Stress Management, Learning Styles and Emotional Intelligence etc., which are related to life skills. Eminent scholars and experts in the field of education are invited to address on recent developments in education.